Paper Types. All are printed on HP Z6100 printers using HP Vivera (archival) inks.

Non-mounted Prints
ProductMaximum sizeThicknessDescriptionCost
Metallic Glossy34.75 x 9610 milsThick glossy, slight metallic look. Exceptional saturation and detail.$7.50 per square foot. *
Glossy40.75 x 969 milsThick glossy. Great saturation and detail. Exceptional value$4.00 per square foot. *
Satin40.75 x 9610 milsThick, heavy weight satin. Intermediate reflectivity, between glossy and matte. Very popular choice.$4.00 per square foot. *
Standard Matte40.75 x 967 milsExcellent color, despite its being a bit thin (7 mils). Very good blacks, albeit not quite as good as the enhanced matte paper. Very flat. (no reflectivity)$4.00 per square foot. *
Enhanced Matte40.75 x 9612 milsExcellent thick matte. Exceptional color. Very flat. Very popular choice.$4.80 per square foot. *
Premium Matte34.75 x 7221 milsExcellent very thick matte. 100% cotton. Exceptional color. Very flat reflectivity.$8.20 per square foot.
Canvas40.75 x 7221 milsVery thick Cotton-poly blend. Fine art canvas, not simulated canvas. Thickness insures canvas will not sag over time if mounted. $9.00 per square foot. +$15/print if sprayed.**
* + 20% if print is longer than 72"
** Spraying is generally not necessary, but may be preferred to add scuff resistance. Spray on canvas tends to prevent cracking at the corners of gallery wraps. The spraying does extend the life of the prints by filtering out UV light, but the prints are already archival even without the spray.

Mounted Prints
ProductSize RangeDescriptionOptionsCost Example
Gatorboard Mounted Enhanced Matte8 x 10 to 30 x 42*, in whole inch increments.3/16" thick black gatorboard mounted prints. Without hanger, or with either of two types of hangers. If ordered with hangers, ready to mount on the wall.$62.50 for 20 x 30, + $2 or $6 for hanger
Framed Prints. Enhanced matte media.11 x 14 to 20 x 30. 5 sizes.Framed, ready to hang on the wallTwo frame styles. We can add simulated matte, either of two types, as part of the print around your file if you wish.$73.33 for 20 x 30 (print + framing)
Canvas Mounted Prints (Gallery Wrap)8 x 10 to 28 x 40 or 32 x 36 (sum of length + width must not exceed 68)*, in even inch increments (except 11 and 14" sides also available).Gallery Wrapped Prints, on sturdy 1.5" x 1.5" stretcher bars, with finished back and hanger(s). Sprayed, to prevent cracking at the edges.8 options for what will appear on the sides.$133.33 for 20 x 30 mounted canvas print
Shadowbox Mounted Canvas Prints16 x 20 to 24 x 36, 3 sizesMounted canvas prints, as above, then inserted into a black shadowboxYou still need to specify the sides, even though the sides are only marginally visible$158.33 for 18 x 24
* Our system will show you only shapes and sizes which are more or less those of your file. If you don't see the size you want, you might need to crop your file.