Automated Photo Technology   Have your orders drop shipped directly to your customer.
Over 80% of our orders are shipped directly to our customer's customers. They accomplish this by
  • Clicking the "blind drop ship" box at checkout. Or, going to "account details" and making "blind drop ship" their default, in which case they can forget about remembering to check this box.
  • Optionally, uploading a file into their directory called "thisismylogo.jpg" to their directory. That will cause their logo to appear on the paperwork.
In either case, our name will not appear on the paperwork. Just our customer's name and (in most cases) logo.

Our drop shipping feature has been enormously successful for many reasons, including:
  • We're reliable. You can be assured that what we ship is the highest possible quality, properly packaged, and shipped on time. We know how to package orders to minimize the likelihood of shipping damage. And, in the rare case of an order being damaged, we ship a replacement immediately.
  • We can handle large ups and downs in volume. You don't need to worry that orders will get shipped late just because you had a very succesful advertising campaign
  • Our system provides exceptionally convenient feedback regarding what was shipped, to whom, when, and with which delivery confirmation or tracking numbers.
  • We provide an ordering system that is extremely user-friendly, fast, and reliable. Experienced customers can create orders (e.g., taking data from Etsy or Amazon and inputting to our system) in 1-2 minutes per order. And, high-volume customers using our "multorder" software can generate several orders per minute. Even if you don't currently have a high order volume, we're here, and able to help you when you do.
  • Wer'e here to help. We usually respond to emails within 1-2 hours.
  • We provide true wholesale pricing. We know that you need to make a profit.
There is no surcharge for having your orders drop shipped to your customers.