Automated Photo Technology Large Photographic Prints from Your Digital Files

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I store my files on-line? Indefinitely, provided you visit your directory at least once every 365 days.  We may delete directories that have not been visited more recently than that.
How many files can I put in my directory? There is no fixed limit, although navigation is more difficult for directories containing more than 200 files.
Can I do photo editing on-line? Yes.  When you click an image to select it, one of the buttons on the next screen will allow you to go to an editing menu.  However, if you want to create composites (images which contain at least 2 source images, usually + text), then look for the "create a composite" button at the bottom of your on-line directory (screen which shows all of your images).
Will you edit my photo(s)? No.  Sorry.  We provide extensive tools for you to do this on-line, or you may edit your files with your own photo editor.  We leave the editing to you.
Will you automatically adjust my photos for optimal lightness, contrast, etc.? No.  We can't accurately second-guess what you want. What we do is to print very linearly (meaning that highlight and shadow detail is preserved). If your file is vivid, your print will be vivid. If it's drab, the print will be drab. Not second guessing them is very important to many of our customers.
What credit cards do you accept? Visa, MC, Amex.
How soon will I get my order? In nearly all cases, orders placed on a business day by noon, central time, will go out the same day.  Most customers specify shipment by US Mail Priority Mail.  Most Priority Mail orders arrive in 1-4 business days.  You may also select shipment by FedEx air (next, 2nd, or 3rd business day) or FedEx ground. The exception to this is orders containing one or more sprayed items (usually canvas prints). In that case there is a delay of three business days. Orders of more than $300 must be placed by 10AM, more than $800 the night before.
Can you do blind drop shipments directly to my customers? Yes.  Check "account details" to learn more. 
The images I see in my directory look a little fuzzy.  Will my prints be sharp? In order to minimize transmission times, we show you greatly reduced file size thumbnail images based on the files you have uploaded.  However, we make the prints from your full size images.  Details which are clear in your files will be clear on the prints.
How do I prepare files to send to you? We have various articles that may help you.
I placed an order, but I can't remember what I ordered. Is there a way to determine that on-line?" Yes. Go to "account details" and scroll to the bottom of the screen, and select a link to your recent order. Also, you can see a summary of recent transactions, and determine if your order has been shipped yet or not.