About Automated Photo Technology, Inc.
Automated Photo Technology was founded in 2001 by David Schoon (pronounced "shown") and Cleon Ince. Both are photographers, and both are programmers. They have written nearly all of the programming used on this web site.

The mission of Automated Photo Technology is to be helpful -- not just with the printing of digital files submitted by their customers, but also with the file editing that makes the results look professional. Many customers choose to do their editing off-line, but those who do use APT's on-line tools generally find that they can get the results they want quickly and easily.
The "Automation" in Automated Photo Technology applies to three areas: on-line editing, on-line guidance regarding the choices (e.g., size and shape) customers need to make before they order prints, and order processing.

Orders are processed automatically, 24/7. For most orders, the first human involvement occurs after the prints have been printed. This level of automation benefits customers in two ways: (1) it reduces costs, and those savings are passed on to APT's customers, and (2) it allows orders placed by noon, on a business day, to almost always be shipped the same day.
Automation is a good thing. It allows resources which would otherwise be applied to repetitive tasks, to be done by computers, so that APT's people have the time and ability to attend to the things that matter most to customers. The result is a combination of quality, consistency, speed, and customer service which has become the gold standard for the on-line photofinishing business.

The focus of APT is primarily on large prints -- prints generally larger than 8 x 10. APT's customers are about an equal mix of advanced amateur and professional photographers. The majority of APT's customers purchase prints for resale, in many cases having the prints shipped directly to their customers.