Automated Photo Technology  Automated Photo Technology, Inc. is your best choice for high- quality photo printing. Here's why:
Color VibrancyExceptional color saturation requires two things: Highest quality inks, and papers able to receive a large amount of ink. We use HP Vivera archival inks. And, all of our papers either have an ink hold-out layer within the paper, and/or are thick enough to tolerate a substnatial loading of ink without cockling (wrinkling). We have adjusted our software to maximize the intensity and saturation of colors. The difference is striking.
Turnaround TimeFor most items, our cutoff time for same day shipment is 12:00 Noon on a business day. You can order at 11:59 AM and have your order in hand by 10:30 AM the next morning, if you choose overnight air shipment.
Sizes AvailableFor most media types, we offer any shape or size, up to a point. In most cases, this might not matter. But sometimes you may have a panorama or cropped photo and need a print, e.g., 14.567" x 23.975". We can provide that. Or, 8" x 60". We can do that also.
Large FilesWhile we prefer that file uploads be limited to 300 Megabytes, it's not a hard and fast limit. We have some customers who have uploaded files in excess of 1 TB! We know that sometimes large files are necessary. We understand, and accept them.
EasyOur sites provide a unique mix of very advanced tools (including photo editing), yet easy and fast site navigation. And, it's safe. You don't need to download any special software to your computer.
Low PricesMost of our customers have no need, personally, for the prints they order. Instead, we send them directly to their customers. We operate a wholesale business. And our pricing reflects that. We understand that you need to make a good profit, and our prices make that a lot easier for you.
HumansMost of the time you'll interact with our very friendly and helpful computers. But when you need something more, you'll deal with our very friendly and helpful humans. We provide incredible customer service.